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What You Need to be Doing Right Now to be Profitable

Doing the work necessary to achieve results

Brian is the current CEO of Keller Williams Realty Kansas City North, as well as an attorney, real estate broker and real estate litigation expert witness. During this live event you'll learn how Brian sold over 2,500 properties and continues to coach and train Real Estate Professionals across the country on how to achieve extraordinary results through systems and models.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(7:00) How Brian came to start TheRealEstateTrainer.com and his focus on Business Generation Models

(11:00) What agents need to be doing right now to have a profitable 2015, and the difference between dependent and independent real estate businesses

(15:00) The best number of lead generation "pillars"

(25:00) "Spiderweb" lead generation and why top producing agents refuse to be constrained by that approach

(31:00) Why consistency is so critical to a stable, growing business

(38:00) Why you need to be proficient at prospecting before you hire prospecting ISA's

(40:00) What other systems you need in place to handle new business and continue to grow

(48:00) What happens in a real estate team when it's grown without a model and defined roles

(54:00) How to make sure you're keeping the right buyer's agents and have team members in the right roles

(58:00) Why it's so critical to track the source of your business, especially individual buyer agent deals- Are they coming from the team or from the agent?

(1:04) Why lack of leads usually comes down to lack of accountability